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The times they are a-changin' - It was supposed to be brown!

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March 26th, 2008

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09:42 pm - The times they are a-changin'
Here comes the end of the semester and life's starting to make some sort of sense. I've definitely got a plan and the opportunities presenting are almost too good to believe. I'm so happy about these changes and if you've seen or talked to me in the past six and a half months you'd be more than well aware of that.

In eight weeks I'm wrapping it up, packing it up, and heading out of Alabama to a sun-shining feeling.

We've got two nights of Pearl Jam in West Palm and Tampa, and a long stretch of life far over the horizon that's got no signs of stopping.

Oh I got my things
We'll make it up as we go along
Oh with you I could
Never be alone
Never be alone

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