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It was supposed to be brown!

(That's what it said on the box)

2 March 1987
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Spending too much time working, driving, and schooling...

aladdin, alanis morissette, animal rights, animals, animorphs, apathy, australia, band, being fat, being in love, ben folds five, boy's tears, bright eyes, brother bear, buddhism, built to spill, camping, car hops, cats, cheating, cheese, college, color guard, complication, cooking, cuddling, curls, dancing, darkness, dashboard confessional, disney, dogs, dreaming, evan and jaron, everclear, exercise, eye contact, eyes, fairhope pier, fat stuff, flirting, food, frapachinos, freedom, friends, fry cooks, fun, goldfinger, guitar, guys, hair, hands, hating random stuff, hating teachers, having crushes, hefner, hiking, hippies, holding hands, hope, humor, ice cream, ishmael, italians, juicy steak, jumping in puddles, katie, katя, kisses, kittens, long conversations, long drives, lord of the rings, love, magic, moulin rouge, movies, mr. faison, music, mythical creatures, nature, nickle creek, ocean, otters, pandas, peace, peanut butter, pearl jam, penguins, peta, playing in the rain, poetry, pucker, puddles, punk music, purple, rain, reading, reel big fish, regina spektor, rifle, roller coaster horny, roller coasters, rufus wainwright, sabre, save ferris, sea shells, singing, ska, skating, skipping school, sleep, sleepovers, sliding doors, smiles, smores bars, snickers, snow, spiderman, stalking, stars, storms, study sessions, summer, sun sets, swimming, swinging, tenacious d, the beatles, the blivits, the environment, the future, the moon, the ocean, travel, trees, vacations, vanessa carlton, veggie meat, walking, warm cookies, warm people, water, weezer, werewolves, wildlife, wind, witchcraft, writing, x-men